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Would you like to be apart of the Tactical Strategies & Concepts Inc. family? Want to experience hardcore training that will put you to the limits and test your abilities under extreme environments? Do you want to prepare yourself for an impending deployment, or to learn the basis of home safety and defense. Tactical Strategies and Concepts Inc. is a versatile company, if we aren't teaching we are training. We can provide you with the necessary skills to be more confident with your weapons, your tactics, your team, and most importantly, yourself. T.S.C.’s mission is to provide the most intense and realistic training environment for our students, and give them the necessary skills to save lives. We are the company whose sole purpose is to train your Military, Law Enforcement, and Security personnel to protect and save lives when engaged in combat.

  Tactical Strategies and Concepts Inc. has courses available for Military, Law Enforcement, Security Force Personnel and Contractors, Tactical EMS, and General Public. Bellow are links that will guide you to the various courses that are available.

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"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat."
- Sir Winston Churchill

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