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Here's what our students have been saying!     

Vechicle Defsensive Tactics Course Dec 30, 2012

Every officer who wants to go home at the end of their shift should take this course. -Jeremy Khale Roseto Borough Police Dept.

Highly recommend any training from TSC. Instructors are awesome. -Richard Picerni -Lehigh County Sheriff Dept

Great Class! - Shannon Young - Pen Argyl Police Dept.


Active Shooter Tactical Operations & Rescue Course                         March 5-6, 2012 Hosted by:

DeSales University Police Department

Great training, would highly recommend to others!

     -Chief Stuart Bedics, DeSales University Police

Great training class, was everything I expected to learn and much more. Can't wait for the next course!

     -Suzanne Dannenhower, DeSales University Police

The instructors were all knowledgeable and know what they are talking about, because they have been there. I left this class feeling very confident that I can apply these applications on the job. Thank you!

     -Donald Stratton, Catasauqua Police

I would recommend this course to all patrol officers and first responders.

     -William Nahrgang, Coopersburg Police

Realistic and practical training, especially for patrol officers.

     -David Libener, Cedar Crest College Police 

Active Shooter Tactical Operations & Rescue Course                  August 20-21, 2010 Hosted by the East Stroudsburg School Police & the PA Northeast Counter Terrorism Task Force

This was by far the best training I have ever received. I would strongly recommend this to any SRO or responding Law Enforcement Officer. You guys were extremely professional and very, very knowledgeable.

     -Trooper Sharon Palmer-Wilkins, PA State Police

The instructors were very knowledgeable about the tactics used, and used what time they had available (2 days) to teach us properly about an active shooter. I would take this course again.

     -Deputy Richard Picerni, Lehigh County Sheriff's Office

The instructors were very knowledgeable and provided a realistic training environment.

     -Deputy Jason Sedgwick, Lehigh County Sheriff's Office

The best hands on class I have ever attended!

     -Ben Porobenski, South Whitehall Township Police Department

Awesome Course! Highly recommend to all patrol officers.

     -Steve Carroll, Scranton Police Department

I loved this training, thanks very much.

     -Joe Kearney, Scranton Police Department

TSC is top notch for this type of training with their knowledge. Even though it is military tactics, so what, war is war!!

     -Michael Bryndzia, Scranton Police Department

This class was awesome. I would like to see departments taking this course at least once a year. This was definitely one of the top classes I have taken since 1996!

     -Gerald Pflanz,  Eastern Pike Regional Police Department

This class really gave me a perspective on how prepared we are to repel an assault.

     -Chief Frederick Mill, East Stroudsburg School Police

Great Training and good job guys.

     -Patrick Harvey, East Stroudsburg School Police

Lesson learned....we are only as strong as our weakest link.

     -Tracy Miller, East Stroudsburg School Police

Excellent Course, hands on and reality based.

     -Richard Fehrle, East Stroudsburg School Police 


Active Shooter Tactical Operations & Rescue Course                May 15-16, 2010 hosted by PA State Police and Counter-Terrorism Task Force

This active shooter training is very well run. I would highly recommend to anyone.

     -Jerry Hughes, Stroudsburg High School-School Police and Security

Great Course as always guys! (returning student)

     -Jennifer Lyon, Stroud Area Regional Police Dept. (TSC ASTOR 2008 and 2010 Alumni and returning student) 

Great Training!!!

     -Lt. James Shultz, Station Commander - PA State Police

The instructors did a great job getting the information out to the students within the 2 days.

     -Trooper James Sgarlat, PA State Police 

The instructors have a great deal of energy and passion. They are obviously not in it to make a quick buck, but sincere about passing on their knowledge. Excellent feedback from the instructors and very practical.

     -Kenneth Seagreaves, Easton Area School District Police 


Active Shooter Tactical Operations & Rescue Course                   March 26-27, 2010

Real training for the "WHEN" not the "WHAT IF." Thanks for the Wake Up Call!

     -Cpl. Christopher Rosenberry, Altoona Police Department

You guys showed us how things break down under fire, and how to work through it.

     -Mike Sapienza, Altoona Police Department

Tactical AND Practical. A reality check for everyone. Keeps cops alive! AWESOME!!

     -Troy Wright, Altoona Police Department 

I learned a lot about tactical approaches and what will probably happen to a formation when engaged with a shooter. Coming into this course I had very little training. I feel I have a much better idea of what my fellow officers will be doing and what my role will be.

     -John Emswiler, Altoona Police Department

Great Class!

     -Joseph Merrill, Altoona Police Department

Great course. Had a great time while learning.

     -Ricky Sechler, Lehigh County Sheriff

A great Course for Patrolman

     -John Cicala, Philadelphia SEPTA Police Department

Course was great!! Exactly as promised. Will definitely endorse to my department.

     -James Gallagher, Philadelphia SEPTA Police Department 



Being enthusiastic about a subject is good. Being knowledgeable about a subject is great. Being able to teach that subject to others and instill the same enthusiasm you have is fantastic. Eric Ives knows his subject very well and was able to teach my officers and bolster their confidence so they can perform to the best of their abilities. I look forward to working with Eric and Tactical Strategies and Concepts, Inc. again in the near future.

        -Major Steve Shatkin, NJ SPCA Humane Police August 3, 2009


Introduction to Close Quarters Battle Course                             April 18, 2009 hosted by Berks County Sheriff's Department

The course was great and should be taught to all law enforcement officers!

       -Deputy Le-Tasha Phelps, Berks County Sheriff's Department

I would definitely take a more advanced course from TSC.

       -Deputy Terry Ely, Berks County Sheriff's Department

Thank you for the wonderful training!

       -Deputy Zachary Smith, Berks County Sheriff's Department

The instructors were very professional and knowledgeable.

       -Deputy Michael Perrotto, Berks County Sheriff's Department

I thought the  instructors were great! Very informative.

       -Deputy Troy Wolf, Berks County Sheriff's Department

Great course! Air soft rounds are not soft! Great learning environment!

      -Deputy Keith Neiswender, Berks County Sheriff's Department


Introduction to Close Quarters Battle Course                          November 29, 2008 hosted by NJ SPCA Humane Police


On behalf of my entire unit, I would like to thank you for the eye-opening training we received in your Introduction to CQB course.  You and your staff are knowledgeable, professional, and above all, good instructors. We each walked away from the class both humbled by what we thought we knew, but discovered we didn't, and we are better officers for taking those first few steps necessary to start changing the mindset to survival mode, and discarding the "it won't happen here" attitude. I look forward to being a student in your classes in the future.

     -Captain Steve Shatkin, NJ SPCA Humane Police

I look forward to additional training from TSC, and highly recommend them to other agencies!

     -Cpl Richard Falcone, NJ SPCA Humane Police

This course was an excellent learning experience and I would recommend highly to others!

     -Investigator Michael Azzarello, NJ SPCA Humane Police


Active Shooter Tactical Operations & Rescue Course  September 26-27, 2008

Some of the best and most realistic training I've ever gone to!

     -Deputy Robert Essig Jr., Berks County Sheriff's Department

Great class, cannot say enough. I learned a lot and feel much better about my tactics.

     -Officer Shannon Young, Pen Argyl Police Department

This was a very realistic class, and I learned a lot!

     -Tsgt Marc Berger, US Air Force Security Forces


Firearms Training Program August, 2008

The one on one training was exactly what I wanted. Eric was Great!

     -Michael S. Little Silver, NJ


Active Shooter Tactical Operations & Rescue Course             March 15-16, 2008 hosted by PA State Police and PA Northeast Counter-Terrorism Task Force


I can't begin to tell you how much I learned from your class. I feel all Police should go through this training, even if they never get into a shooting. Hope to train with you again.

     -Officer Eric Schwab, Barrett Township Police Department


TSC response to "229 Threat"                                                   Active Shooter Tactical Operations & Rescue Course               February 28, 2008

TSC Instructors give tactically sound advice for real world situations. This class gives thought into how to address an active shooter situation and how to respond appropriately to it in a highly volatile situation. I highly recommend this course to all law enforcement officers.

     -Deputy Jason Kern, Lehigh County Sheriff's Department


Active Shooter Tactical Operations & Rescue Course              February 11, 2008 hosted by Belleville Arson Squad

Eric Ives; T.S.C President,

On behalf of the Belleville Fire Department and the Arson Squad, I thank you for taking time out of your full schedule to present the Active Shooter Tactical Operations & Rescue Course for the arson squad investigators. While public safety agencies train and prepare for another inevitable large-scale terrorist attack, it is the school shootings and hostage situations that are persistent in our society. The information you and your instructors presented to us is greatly appreciated and adds to our “tool box” when and if the need arises. The tactical concepts we participated in were an eye-opener for our members and will serve to remind us to expect the unexpected even on the most routine of our duties. We extend our gratitude for your services and would highly recommend you to other public safety agencies.


     Anthony DeBerto
     Battalion Chief
     Arson Squad Commander

"When in a fire fight, kill as many as you can, the one you miss may not miss tomorrow.

- Murphy's Law on War



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